Hidden Canyon
Zion National Park

The hike begins at the Weeping Rock Parking area.
The trail is paved for most of the way, but ends at the Hidden Canyon entrance.

Saturday, February 24, 2001

The water polished rock made it dangerous,
if you weren't paying attention.
This hike has taken quite a few lives.

Cable Mountain

Jared carefuly climbing up the smoth sandstone.

An opening in Hidden Canyon

Delicate sheets of ice along Hidden Canyon.

We assembled a stepping stone path to cross this section.

Incredible strata along the Hidden Canyon trail.

Denyse and Jared checking out the exposed sandstone walls

The trail gets more and more difficult as you go.

Crazy errosion on the walls along the Hidden Canyon trail.

Leaving Hidden Canyon.
Looking straight toward the weeping rock area.

Strange lichen colors on the walls

Water has slowly exposed this psychodelic section of rock.

A hidden suprise, a 20 foot arch.

An exposed section of the trail.

Pictures of a trip to Hidden Canyon September 2002


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