Zion Buffalo Ranch

To the east of the eastern side of Zion National Park, is an old Buffalo Ranch, that has been converted into a small cabin community.
The buffalo were thirsty, so they bashed down the fence to get to the water in the parking lot. They said they were dangerous, especially if you wear red. (Wearing red doesn't really provoke them, this is an old wive's tale)
If you really want to be able to get close to them safely, you should know a few warning signs that these type of herbavoirs all exibit (Cows, Deer, Mountain Goats, Horses etc).

Herbavoir Warning Signs
1. Licking their lips. If they start licking their lips, they are telling you that they aren't scared of you, and you are starting to irritate them.
2. Digging at the ground. If they start doing this back off quickly
3. Forced sneezing, and vocal gesturing (snorting ect). Get out of there, they are going to give you a horn (or hoove) soon.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Looking west toward Zion National Park
This is a spring pump wind mill.

These Buffalo had destroyed the fence to get into the parking lot to drink the water.

Nothing like fresh melted road water on a cold afternoon.

Some refreshing melted snow for the thirsty buffalo.

Lapping up some buffalo-buscuit flavored water.

Mmmmm... Cow-pie smoothie.

Time to go back to converitng hay into pucky.

Whatchoo looking at?

Climbing back over the snow wall.

Thanks to Heid


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