Zion Canyon Snow

Checkerboard Mesa
The East Temple
The West Temple
Snowy Strata

It snows in southern Utah, but it usually doesn't stick for long. It is a special treat to find the area covered in fresh snow.

Thursday January 1, 2009

From along the Zion Highway looking up the steep sanstone walls.

Snow covered red and white sandstone.

From near the Zion Overlook Trail looking south.

Just outside of the Mount Carmel Tunnel.
A similar image of this sandstone mesa taken 9 years ago.

The West Temple

A close up of the hoodoo spires found on top of The Court of the Patriarchs

The East Temple

The Court of the Patriarchs

Sheer sandstone cliffs with sinusoidal curved hoodoos on top.

The blood stained Altar of Sacrifice.

Snowy Strata lines as seen from along the Zion Highway.

Rhythmic stratification as seen from the Zion Highway.

White Mountain

Near the eastern entrance looking east toward Checkerboard Mesa's northern brother.
There is a massive arch forming on it's eastern end.

Looking up the steep snow covered walls of Checkerboard Mesa.

Another shot of a snowy Checkerboard Mesa

A snow frosted Checkerboard Mesa.

Special thanks to Heid


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