Zion National Park
Hidden Canyon

The hike begins at the Weeping Rock Parking area.
The trail is paved for most of the way, but ends at the Hidden Canyon entrance.

Tuesday, September 2, 2002

The view from the switchbacks along the Zion-Mount Carmel Highway
from the west side of the tunnels.
The Towers of the Virgin, Altar of Sacrfice, The Beehives 6,904' and The Sentinel 7,157'
In the middle is the Streaked Wall.

This section reminds me of Yosemite, see the Half-Dome looking mesa in the middle?
The Towers of the Virgin, and the blood-stained Altar of Sacrfice.

From along the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive looking east toward
the East Temple 7,709

The view from Weeping Rock, a short 1/4 mile hike, looking west.
The Great White Throne, Cathedral Mountain and Angels Landing

The view from the Hidden Canyon Trail looking north to Observation Point.
The Weeping Rock area is visible behind the tree on the bottom right.

Some exposed cliff edges along the trail.

Gloria in front of Observation Point, on the other side of the canyon.

Shane coming around the cliff edge, behind is Observation Point.

Some incredible sandstone formations from along the trail.

Gloria and Shane walking along the Hidden Canyon Trail.

Pictures from a previous trip: Zion Hidden Canyon February 2000

Thanks to Gloria and Shane


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