In Brazilian Airport, they searched everybody's carry on luggage, by hand.
In America, they took so long going through all the Homeland Security BS
that I was late for my plane and had to catch another.

Undulating rivers in the flatlands near Atlanta Georgia

The start of the Rocky Mountains

Massive uplift craters, or could these be meteor impacts?

Uplift crater

Strange structure, this is at least a couple miles wide.

More undulating rivers, notice the remains of the older river paths.

Strange manmade designs on the rock.


The La Sal Mountains near Moab
Mount Peale and Tukunikivatz sit as the tallest of the La Sal

The Green River - Desolation Canyon (39 degrees 20')
Near Florence Creek, Pinacle Mesa and Xmas Mountain.

Looking south toward Scofield Reservoir

Mount Nebo

Santaquin Peak, Loafer Mountian

Santaquin Peak

Mount Nebo

Mount Nebo

Mount Nebo

Utah Lake and West Mountain 6904' behind is Mount Nebo

Kennecott Copper Mine

A closer look at the striations,
down in the bottom right corner are some of the largest vehicles in the world.
This is the biggest man made hole in the world.

Kennecott Copper Mine

Kennecott Copper Mine

Kennecott Copper Mine

Kennecott Copper Mine

Farmingtom Peak, and Deseret Peak behind. Between the two is Tooele.

Kennecott Copper Mine Refinery
This helps solve the problem of having too much clean air.

Kennecott Copper Mine Refinery and the Great Salt Lake.

Great Salt Lake
Notice how much this looks like mold growing in liquid.

The Wasatch Front, my home.
Aerial Views - Atlanta to Salt Lake City, Utah

Brazilian Culture
Rio de Janeiro

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