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Brazilian Flowers and Plants

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Flores do Brasil
Brazilian Flower Identification

General Flower Identification

Brazil is the perfect climate to grow a huge range of flowering plants.
You can find wildflowers almost everywhere you go (Outside the big cities).
Many types of flower found in Brazil aren't found naturally anywhere else.
Because of the tropical environment, Brazilian flowers bloom all year long.

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
Flores Hibisco
These beautiful flowers are everywhere in Floripa.

Hibiscus Flower
A closeup of the pistil and stamen of the hibiscus flower.

I love these opportunistic little vines.

A little vine taking advantage of the tree.

Furry Red Flower

Little yellow and red wildflowers

Flores Madressilva
Light yellow wildflowers

Brazilian Angels Trumpet Flowers

Angel's Trumpet Flower
Not to be confused with Dama da Noite

Strange fruit on a hot pink flower.

Three way symetry.
White and black wildflower

Interesting flowers everywhere

New seeds ready for the birds to take to new places.

The exotic Dormideira flower

After dark, if you touch this plant, the leaves fold up.

Folding Plant

The bloody Bromélia plant

Praia do Matadeiro

Beautiful purple wildflowers

Blue Primrose
Mosquito on a blue wildflower

Orange wildflowers

Orange wildflowers glistening in the morning dew,

Walking Iris

Neomarica Gracilis, Walking Iris, Apostle Plant.
White and Blue Brazilian Lily or Orchid
Tropicals Tender Perennials

This looks like Red Salvia

I have no idea what this is. Probably a flower, or a bunch of seeds.

Strange primative plants.

Beautiful flowers everywhere. Looks like a red feather.
This could be a Bromélia Flower
Or it might be a type of Red Ginger

Orelho de Madeira (Wood Ears),
Some stange mushrooms growing out of the logs.

Looks like knives with bloody tips.
Maybe a type of Neoregelia

Tears of a Flower
A red wildflower cries in the morning.

Heliconia Flower
There are many types of this species including
Bico do Papagaio (Parrot Beaks), Bananeira de Jardim (Garden Bananery),
Bico de Guará (Guara Beak), Falsa Ave do Paraíso (False Bird of Paradise)
and Paquevira to name few.
This exotic wildflower can be found throughout the tropics.
These plants can grow 30 feet high

Purple poppy wildflowers

These flowers are edible, and are filled with vitamin C.

Giant Amaryllis
Giant red flower
This flower could wrap around a basketball, it was huge.

I think this is a Gerbera Flower

Looks like a sun with light purple rays coming out of it.

An Purple-pink Brazilian Orchid

Brazilian Flowers and Plants

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