The most used verbs are also the oldest verbs.
Verbs like "To go" (Ir) or "To be" (Ser/Estar) are irregular because they were created long before the common rules and systems where in place.
Each of these indiviual tenses has it's own, unrelated version of the verb.

Você (You) has the same conjugation as as "ele", "ela" and "a gente".

Irregular Verbs

ser to be
sendo being
sido was
eu sou I am
você é You are
nós somos We are
eles são They are
eu era I used to be
você era You used to be
nós éramos We used to be
eles eram They used to be
eu fui
I went
você foi you went
nós fomos We went
eles foram They went
eu seria I would have been
você seria
You would be
nós seríamos We would be
eles seriam They would be
eu serei
I will be
você será
You could be
nós seremos
We could be
eles serão They could be
que eu seja
that I become
que você seja
that you become
que nós sejamos
that we become
que eles sejam that they become
se eu fosse
if I was
se você fosse
if you were
se nós fôssemos
if we were
se eles fossem if they were
quando eu for
when I become
quando você for
when you become
quando nós formos
when we become
quando eles forem when they become
seja você
be yourself
sejamos nós
be ourselves
sejam eles be themselves

ir to go
indo going
ido went
eu vou I go, I am going
você vai You go, You are going
nós vamos We go, We are going, Let's
eles vão They go, They are going
eu ia I would go
você ia You would go
nós íamos We would go
eles iam They would go
eu fui I went
você foi You went
nós fomos We went
eles foram They went
eu iria I would have gone
você iria You would have gone
nós iríamos We would have gone
eles iriam They would have gone
eu irei I will go
você irá You will go
nós iremos We will go
eles irão They will go.
que eu vá that I go
que você vá that you go
que nós vamos that we go
que eles vão that they go
se eu fosse If I were/ If I was
se você fosse If you were to
se nós fôssemos If we were to
se eles fossem If they were to
quando eu for When I go
quando você for When you go
quando nós formos When we go
quando eles forem When they go
vá você Go (you)
vamos nós Let's go
vão eles They go

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