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This entire building is covered in graffiti

A makeshift shelter for those who can't afford the favela.



Jose Menino



The saga of the Japanese immigrants started at Port Santos on June 18, 1908, has completed 90 years.
Of the 250,000 that arrived here, there are 30,000 left.
Including the decendants, there are 1.4 million that live in this land.
- June 18, 1998

Gonzaga Beach



Looking north over Santos, Sao Paulo

Cargo ships traversing the southern Atlantic seas.

Hug Oceanliner slowly creeping off into the distance.

Gonzaga Beach

Community excersize center

Beach Soccer Game

Looking north from the Balsa (Ferryboat) in Santos

Fishing boats near the Balsa or Ferryboat.

More Fishing boats

Looking north towards Santos, Sao Paulo.

Pereque Beach

Fishing boats along Pereque Beach


You are in the Guararu Mountains
Naturally Knocked-Over Patrmony

The Tail of the Dragon is how it's know now-a-days, or Guararu, from the Indians, which in Tupi means "The hill that unites the low caves, the high holes, a rivers that flow into the Bertioga canal", represents the largest connection of well preserved ecosystems of the Santo Amaro Island, in the eastern region of Gararuja.

With approximately 4,000 hectares, the Guararu Mountain region encompasses large areas of Atlantic Jungle...




Urubu em Guararu - Guararu Vulture


Rock laden trails

Rock laden Trails

The cocoanut flesh is a superfood and a delicacy.

A ferry boat

Transport ship cranes. In front is the Balsa or Ferryboat carrying automobiles to the southern side.

Giant transport ships in Santos.






Community Playground

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