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São Thomé das Letras, Minas Gerais, Brazil

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A.K.A. Sao Tome, São Tomé

Accident in the Jungle

We drove all night from Rio de Janeiro to get to São Thomé das Letras in Minas Gerais. It usually doesn't take that long, but along the way, After hours of huge trucks, transporting marble and other rocks, passing us going 100 miles an hour on a curvy tight road, we came across a huge traffic jam. My friend from Rio, just cut around the whole line and drove on the right side of the road for about 20 minutes, until we reached the cause of the problem, and overturned truck.

It was pitch black, no light except for the distant headlights of the cars. The jungle road was covered with high quality white marble. They were trying to get the driver out of the truck, but instead, crushed him. His son, who was driving with the man, saw the whole thing. They threw a bag over the man's head and then threw him on the side of the road, unattended. I almost stepped on him.

An hour later, a military policeman asked us if we could help clear the road, we happily agreed. I ended up clearing most of that road myself while 20 Brazilian men watched.

After about an hour a giant, and I mean giant, tow truck showed up. The wheels were about 5-6 feet tall. There was plumes of dark smoke billowing out of the top of it. This was all happening in pitch-black darkness, just the flash of headlamps and flashlights were all the light we could see. It was an unbelievable sight, the shadowy men jumping off of the giant tow truck with steel cables in their hands, running over to the overturned truck, hooking the lines, and before the workers could even completely get out of the way, the tow truck just starts pulling the overturned truck onto it's wheels. The workers re-converged on the wrecked truck, removing and then reattaching the cables, and then running for their lives to get back on the tow truck. It started slowly then the monster tow truck just took off pulling the truck in the opposite direction that it came. The bent axle and exposed rims squealed like a melting witch. The angry grumble of the giant engine combined with the screech of the wreckage, to create a creepy demonic howl that faded down the dense jungle road into the darkness.

Soon we were the first to be let through, who says cutting the line doesn't pay off sometimes.
I was so sore from moving rock, the next day I could barely walk.

Our hotel was behind this Church
This is right before we went to sleep, probably around 6:00 AM

We woke up around 1:00 PM the next day.
Brazilian kids playing behind the São Thomé Church

São Thomé green countryside.

Just cruising down the road on their horses
The streets where made out of rough-cut marble.

In São Thomé there is a ton of white marble.

São Thomé Restaurant
Right before I walked in the Restaurant,
I met a doppelganger who was almost identicle to a friend I have in America.

This São Thomé Restaurant is just a hippy's house that cooks for you.

Jungle waterfalls

São Thomé Waterfalls

São Thomé Waterfalls

Brazilian Street Construction

São Thomé girls, actually these girls are all from Argentina.
São Thomé is famous in South America for UFOs.

São Thomé Cemetery

Map of São Thomé das Letras

Thanks to Gustavo

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