Salt Lake City, Utah - Uinta Mountains
Special Thanks to Vinnie for giving me his window seat.
Oct 21, 2006

Antelope Island

Echo Reservoir and Coalville

The Uinta Mountains
Trial Lake - Crystal Lake Area
Reids Peak and Bald Mountain are in the center.

Reids Peak and Bald Mountain
Lofty Peak and Scout Lookout are behind.

Reids Peak and Bald Mountain, part of Mirror Lake is visible on the right.

Wall Lake is in the center, Mount Watson is to the left, Notch Mountain is behind.

Telephoto of Lofty Peak and Lofty Lake.

Just right of center is Kings Peak

Water doesn't flow in straight lines.
Maybe because energy moves in a spiral.
You only see curves in nature.
Horseshoe Bend in the Green River, South of Vernal, Utah.

Massive reef caused by continental uplift.

The La Sal Mountains near Moab
Mount Peale and Tukunikivatz sit as the tallest of the La Sal

The Green River - Desolation Canyon (39 degrees 20')
Near Florence Creek, Pinnacle Mesa and Xmas Mountain.

Looking south toward Scofield Reservoir

Bald Mountain - 10,913', Mount Nebo - 11,174'

Looking south over Santaquin Peak - 10,685' and Loafer Mountain - 10,687'

Kennecott Copper Mine

A closer look at the striations,
down in the bottom right corner are some of the largest vehicles in the world.
This is the biggest man made hole in the world.

Kennecott Copper Mine

Utah Aerial Pictures

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