Rio de Janeiro - São Paulo - Florianópolis
Brazil isn't a difficult place to have fun, the country is filled with easy going people who enjoy life to it's fullest.
The food in Brazil is second to none, and might be the reason you return again and again. If you've been to other tropical countries and have had bad experiences with the locals, Brazil is a great place to visit, you'll be suprised how warm and friendly the people of Brazil are.

Included are trip reports, video, travelers tips, and general information to those who might be traveling to Brazil for the first time. Brazil has something for everyone, secluded beaches, waterfalls, and natural areas, or jam packed parties, bars and dancehalls.

Here you will find images of Rio de Janeiro, Arraial do Cabo, Guapimirim, São Paulo, Santos, São Thomé das Letras, Minas Gerais, Floripa, Santa Catarina, Nova Friburgo and many other places.

Rio de Janeiro

Lagoinha do Leste

If you don't speak Portuguese, it's a good idea to learn a few phrases to give the locals a better opinion of you. If you start ranting in English or other language, they might not give you the same treatment as say a humble foreigner who shows love and respect for Brazil.

However, many Brazilians speak English fluently and almost everyone can speak a little English. Once you get used to the accent, you'll feel right at home.



São Thomé


Brazilian Flowers

Brazilian Creatures

Brazilian Culture
Rio de Janeiro

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