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Flying over Utah

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Flying over Utah

Kennecott Copper Mine

Flat Top Mountain

Lewiston Peak, Flat Top Mountain

Mount Nebo

The three peaks of Nebo. The one on the right is actually the tallest.
Here's some pictures I took from a hike to it's summit : Mount Nebo

Southern Utah

The San Raphael Reef

The San Raphael Reef

The San Raphael Reef.
This is a zoomed up shot of the left top corner of the picture above this one.
Aerial Map

Determination Towers 5098'

Determination Towers 5098', Merrimac Butte 5621' is visible on the left middle.

Determination Towers, Courthouse Pasture
Merrimac Butte 5621' and Monitor Butte 5461' are visible in the middle left.
Aerial Map


Road 118 near Moab, Colorado River.
This road is between the entrance to Canyonlands and the entrance to Arches.
Aerial Map

Moab and the Colorado River.
Aerial Map


The bright blue lakes at the top are where they refine uranium in Shafer Basin.

Negro Bill Canyon, Slick Rock
If you've got a good eye you can even see the parking lot for Slick Rock near the top center.
Aerial Map

Arches National Park

Arches National Park
My pictures of the park : Arches National Park
This is the section around Park Avenue and the Organ near the entrance.
Aerial Map


You can see Ken's Lake near the middle

La Sal Mountains

Mount Peale, Mount Mellenthin, Mount Tukunikivatz

Mount Peale, Mount Mellenthin, Mount Tukunikivatz

Mount Peale, Mount Mellenthin, Mount Tukunikivatz

Mount Peale and Mount Tukuhnikivatz

Mount Peale

Mount Peale.
Here's some pictures I took from the summit : Mount Peale

The La Sal Mountains

Flying Back to Utah

These are pictures taken from the flight back to Salt Lake City, Utah.

Clouds over Houston Texas

Miles and miles of farmland.
This is what most of America looks like from an airplane.

Near Gunnison, Colorado and Paonia, Colorado looking north.
Mount Lamborn, Mount Guero, Sheep Mountain, Mount Gunnison,
West and East Beckwith Mountain, Haystack Mountain, Porcupine Cone,
Bald Mountain, Black Mesa.
Jackass Gulch, Buck Hollow, Cottonwood Gulch, Bonfisk Peak.
Curecanti Creek is on the left and Soap Creek runs up on the right.
Just under the bottom of the picture (not visible) is the
Curecanti National Recreation Area and Morrow Point Reservoir.
Aerial Map

Grand Junction, Colorado.
Mount Garfield is near the center of the image.
Mount Lincoln is visible to the left of Garfield
The Colorado river runs across the bottom of the image.
Aerial Map

Mount Timpanogos

Mount Timpanogos
Some Pictures from it's summit : Mount Timpanogos

Lone Peak

Lone Peak
The Jacobs Ladder Trail is clearly visible.
My hike to Lone Peak

Flying over the Point of the Mountain.

The Salt Lake Valley I-15 and I-215
The white T shaped building on the middle right is Fashion Place Mall.
To the right is 2-15 and just under it is State Street.
Aerial Map

Flying over Utah

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