Cuba from a Commercial Airplane

April 12, 2002
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Jardines de la Reina As an American citizen, it is illegal for me to enter Cuba. (This is ridiculous) This is the only reason that I would want to enter Cuba. Before I knew that it was illegal, I had no interest in Cuba. I have just always had a problem with the government illegalizing things that affect no one in a negative way.

Here's some questions I haven't heard anyone ask:
- Why do we still have an embargo on Cuba (which even prohibits other Latin American Countries from trading with Cuba)? Does the word 'Bully" pop into your head too?

- How is it that Americans can't go into Cuba when they are "free"
(Free to do whatever they are told to do)

- Why does America have a military base in Guantanimo Bay, Cuba? This makes no sense what-so-ever. Why would Cuba allow it? (They have no choice) Why would America want a base there? (If the prisoners escape, they're Cuba's problem)
A barrier reef south of Cuba
I think it's called "Archipielago de los Jardines de la Reina"
Which means "Archipelago of the Queen's Garden"

Camaquey Cuba

I think this is Camagüey
More on Camagüey, Cuba

Cuban Farmlands



Northern end


Near the north side of Cuba

Cuban Radio

CIA Factbook on Cuba

Virtual Tours of Cuba

Cuba Aerial Views

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Cuba Aerial

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