Jamaica - Negril Beach

July 13, 2005

A view from the Beach House Villa on Negril Beach, Jamaica

Negril is considered the most beautiful beach in Jamaica. With white sands and an incredibly large wading shelf, it is paradise for the sun worshipper. The sunsets are outstanding, and the quiet chirp of tropical birds and insects makes for a very peaceful experience.

Walking down the beach is another story though. With the Jamaican hustlers patiently waiting, you can't walk down the beach without at least twenty of them yelling any number of hustler clichés like, "No cost to look" and my personal favorite, "Respek Mon" which is a one way street for many of these pushers.

A beach salesman approaching a tourist.

Everyday you repeatedly hear "Whiteman!", "Oscar!", and a number of other names that the Hustlers or "Higglers" shout at you while you're walking in public. When trying to purchase a meal, or even at the supermarket, I had many Jamaicans that just went on strike right in front of me because I was white. They would just ignore you, and these are people working in public service.

Once, I had a manager of the local supermarket place a bag of food right in the middle of my groceries during checkout. It was obviously meant to intimidate me, but I just shrugged it off, moved his bag out of my stuff, and continued like nothing happened.

If you're white you get the "Whiteman discount", which means the street vendors quadruple the price if you're white, even if you just saw them sell for a quarter of what the Jamaican in front of you paid, you still get the "discount".

Many Jamaicans have always felt the same way.
Most Jamaicans don't try to exploit the foreigner, it the 1% that makes the rest look ugly.

Everyone's equal, we shouldn't even mention race in laws or rules. Doing so takes away a person's dignity and self respect. Treat everyone with Equality, and things might start to become normal.

Sunset view from Negril Beach.
Some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world, sink nightly into the ocean west of Negril, Jamaica.

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