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April 23, 2005
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Jamaica Pictures, Motego Bay, Lucea, Negril, Sav-la-mar. Jamaican Hurricanes, Weather, Lighting Atlanta Airport Views Negril Beach, Jamaica Sunsets Cuba - Aerial Plane Views Negril, Jamaica Sunsets Florida, Atlanta - Aerial Views of Clouds Sunset - Negril Beach Jamaican Ocean Sunsets Sunsets - Jamaica, Negril Beach Beach House Villas Negril, Jamaica, Sunsets Jamaican Sunsets - Negril Beach Jamaica Tourist - Traveler Advice Sunset Clouds Aerial Jamaica - Negril Beach Villas Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport Jamaica Jamaica Video and Audio Negril Beach, Jamaica Negril, Green Island, Lucea, Montego Bay Florida Airplane Views Jamaica Tourist Information Cuba - Aerial Views Negril Beach, Jamaica Roaring River - Blue Hole People around Negril Beach, Jamaica Negril, Jamaica - Various Pictures Negril Beach Panorama Jamaica, Negril Beach Jamaica, Montego Bay Airport Rastafarian Religion Jamaican Creatures Jamaica, Negril Beach
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Jamaican Roads

Being the "Tuffest" seems to be super important to the young Jamaican Male.

Negril Beach

Negril Beach looking north from Beach House Villas

Tour Boats along Negril Beach

Busy Beach

Tourist woman wading in the shallow waters.

Come yah, yah mon, Respek. ...What a worthless parasite.

This guy will try to rip you off in record time.
It seems that almost every Jamaican that wears this type of netted tank top is a scumbag.


Another day at the office.

Well dressed Rastafarian
Is that tobasco sauce?


Species: Rastabum

Foreigners, as the Hustlers know them, "Pay Day".

Yah Mon... Yah Mon... Yah Mon... what else...
oh yea, Yah Mon.

This lady has been earning her money the honest (hard) way for years.
Everyday walking up and down the beach selling fruit.

More foreign women trying to walk down the beach.

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the Rastabum.
This worthless piece of living excrement will wait patiently for hours for a chance to rip you off.
He'll use your politeness, and your assumption that everyone has some form of honor,
to con you out of as much money as he can get right now.
The first time we met this douche-bag he had a dreadlock-sock on his head, so we refered to him as Sock-Head.
This time when he saw me, he tried to get my attention for about 30 minutes, I had a lot of fun messing with him.

Sadly, he destroys the image of Jamaicans to foreigners one by one, everyday,
single-handedly killing a part of the Jamaican economy, as tourists vow to never return.
Thus causing more suffering that he can blame on the white man.

Booby Cay Island

Party Boat. Behind is Booby Cay Island

Jet Skiiers gone wild

Jet Skiing

Jet ski jamboree

They call him Elvis.
He'll chase you around trying to bum some change off of you,
he wasn't that hard to avoid.

Jamaica Pictures

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