Sunset - Negril Beach

December 12, 2005
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A eerie occulted view of the last moments of the Sun's daily fight with Set.

A silver shore under a bronze sky.

The glowing gold orb caught in the grips of the powerful trap trees.

The parade has ended.

Marching clouds moving north into the night.

Creeping overhead silently, the cloud looks longingly to return to the sea below.

A blindfolded Horus relaxes as he drifts into the underworld.

The sun setting by the south shore of Negril.

The sun, like Jesus, can walk on water.

Smoke billowing as the sun burns it's way into the night.

Majestic clouds froth above, warming themselves in the fading light.

Everyone's gone, their loss, the sunset was incredible.

Nightfalls over Jamaica

A molten ocean of glowing mercury. A phoenix awakes in the background.

Banana Boat Tour Guides packing it in and calling it a day,
As the sun struggles to stay above the horizon.

A surreal image. It looks like it might be altered, but it is not.
You get this sunset effect simply by zooming in.

Sweeping waves of plasmic clouds above the metalic ice.

Cloud waves of light.

Wisps of ignited plasma creeping northward.

Symmetry in direction in nature. As above so below. The heavens reflect the earth.

Sunset - Jamaica, Negril Beach

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