Jamaican Flowers, Plants and Fruits

December 13, 2005
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General Flower Identification

Bromeliad Flower
Looks Like Red Ginger Plant
Purple-red jamaican flowers

Pink 3 petal wildflowers

White and Pink 3 petal jamaican wildflowers.

Pink Wildflowers

Dense vines growing everywhere

Almond Tree with it's fruit almost ripe.

Green and Lavendar Wildflowers

Akee Fruit - Thanks Raquel
This fruit has to fully ripen and split open before you can eat it.

Spiral fibonacci leaves.

Jamaican Heliconia Flower
I forget the name of this plant, Parrot beak or something...

Heliconia Flower
Sunlight hitting the parrot beak plant

Banana Tree with flower

Bananas ready for harvest.

Croton Plant
Spiral leaves.

Leaf veination close-up

High growing pink wildflowers

parallel veination

Ixora Flowers
Pink flower buds

Leaf blight

Spider Lily or Christmas Flower

Jamaican Flowers, Plants and Fruits

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