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April 12, 2002
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Jamaican Dollars and Coins
Jamaican Currency Converter
In Jamaica it is known as the "J".

2009 Update : J$1,000.00 = US$12.00

Jamaican Money

Jamaican money is very colorful, filled with wildlife and flowers.
It's intricate design looks more difficult to counterfeit than a US Dollar,
Which is overkill, because no one would ever try to make a counterfeit "J".

As of 2009
$50.00 Jamaican = (about) $.60 US

Jamaican Coins

$20 Jamaican = $.22 US

$10 Jamaican = $.11 US

$5 Jamaican = $.05 US

$1 Jamaican = $.01 US

$.10 Jamaican = 1/2 pinch of US belly-lint

Jamaican Coins are almost worth more as scrap metal.

Jamaican Money Conversion
Convert Jamaican Dollars into any Currency

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