Jamaica is incredibly beautiful and their culture is fascinating. I love to listen to the locals speak Patois (Not that I understand it). I didn't listen to Reggae before I went there, but now I understand a little better why people like it, and where they're coming from.

You can always have a nice time in Jamaica. You just need to understand how to fit in, to make life easier there. The information pages provided here are "Trip Reports" from multiple trips. The majority of Jamaican people are extremely friendly and kind, however many of the tourist areas attract some individuals that can make you feel under attack.

The first time I went to Jamaica, it was like the perfect dream that turned into a nightmare. I didn't know what to expect, and so I had a hard time with the aggressive locals. I tried to be friendly, courteous, empathetic, and honorable. If you're in the tourist areas, you'll encounter someone that will try to use that against you.

Negril Beach Sunset

Jamaican Flowers

Jamaica is a beautiful place, and can be an awesome vacation, if you're prepared. Read as much as you can before you go, and your trip will be much more enjoyable.

Jamaica Pictures: Images, Video and Audio from Negril, Lucea, and Montego Bay in Jamaica.

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