The Millstone

Lake Blanche
Sundial Peak

You can get a pretty good view of Sundial Peak from the S-Curve Upper Wall.
From there you can also see the slab I'm on,
which is probably the same sedimentary layer as
The West Slabs on Mt. Olympus,
and at a similar angle.

June 11, 2000

Looking toward Sundial Cirque.

Sundial Cirque, Sundial Peak is the nearest face, lit up and facing the camera.

Lake Blanche is just behind the rounded, glacier-polished rocks.

Looking at an unrouted wall on the east side of Mill B South Fork.

Looking northeast from the Millstone toward Mount Raymond.

Unrouted climbing Wall

Atop the Millstone slab

The S curve, Chips Wall, and UP&L Wall

My climbing accessories

I want to go home

The Millstone
Here are a few pictures that were taken of the Millstone from the Lake Blanche trail.
They are heavily covered in forest fire smoke.

The Millstone

Smoke from Dry Hollow Canyon


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