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Pictures from a hike to the summit of Hayden Peak in the Uinta Mountains by Kamas, Utah. Views of Agassiz Peak, Bald Mountain, Kletting Peak, A-1 Peak, Ostler Peak, Lamotte Peak, Spread Eagle Peak and Middle Basin.
Pictures of a hike to the summit of Bald Mountain near Mirror Lake in the Uinta Mountains. Views of Hayden Peak, Agassiz Peak, Kletting Peak, Mount Watson, Notch Mountain, and the sunset.
Uinta Mountains, telephoto views of the Uinta Mountains taken from American Fork Twin Peaks and Red Baldy, about 50 miles away. Kletting Peak, Hayden Peak, Ostler Peak, Agassiz Peak, Spread Eagle Peak, Long Peak, Notch Mountain, Mount Watson, Reids Peak,
Video of a 360 degree panorama from the top of Agassiz Peak in the Uinta Mountains. Hayden Peak, Spread Eagle Peak, Naturalist Basin, Grandaddy Mountains.
Hayden Peak Map - Uintas - Uinta Mountains, Hayden Peak, Uintas, Panorama, Agassiz Peak, Ostler Peak, Kletting Peak, Mirror Lake, Bald Mountain
Video of a Panorama from atop Bald Mountain in the Uinta Mountains, Utah. Mirror Lake, Hayden Peak, Agassiz Peak, Mount Watson.
Video of the Wasatch Mountains from Hayden Peak in the Uinta Mountains... Mount Nebo, Santaquin, Cascade Peak, Provo Peak, Alpine Ridge, Cottonwood Ridge, Mount Olympus, Raymond and Gobblers Knob.
Video from atop Hayden Peak in the Uinta Mountains, views of Agassiz Peak, Ostler Peak, Kletting Peak, Mirror Lake, and Bald Mountain.


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