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•  Utah Volcanoes


Pictures of a few of the volcanoes found in Utah near Fillmore, Utah. Black Rock, Tabernacle Hill, Red Dome and Pahvant Butte. Devils Kitchen, Notch Peak, Mineral Mountains

•  Moab, Utah


Pictures of Moab, in Southern Utah. Views of the La Sal Mountains, Power dam, Left hand fork, Millcreek, Kens Lake, The Colorado River and Red sandstone rocks.

•  Red Pine Lake


Pictures to a hike up to Red Pine Lake, in Little Cottonwood Canyon, in the Wasatch Mountains, Salt Lake City, Utah. Views of The Pfeifferhorn, Cottonwood Ridge, Timpanogos, Lone Peak, Twin Peaks, White Baldy, and Mount Superior.

•  Paria Canyon - The Wave


Pictures of amazing colored Rock Strata. Images of The Wave found among the Coyote Buttes in Paria Canyon in southern Utah and Northern Arizona.

•  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Pictures


Pictures and Video of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Pico do Corcovado and Cristo Redentor. Copacabana.

•  Pfeifferhorn Peak


Pfeifferhorn Peak, Pictures taken from The Pfeifferhorn in Little Cottonwood Canyon in the Wasatch. Pfeifferhorn Summit Pictures, Mountain Goats, Red Pine, Lone Peak.

•  Highway 12 Southern Utah


Pictures from along scenic Highway 12 in southern Utah. The Sevier Plateau, Red Canyon, Aquarius Mesa, Powell Point, Tropic, Henrieville.

•  Zion - The East Temple


Pictures of The East Temple in Zion National Park, in southern Utah near Saint George.Views of Twin Brothers, Mount Spry and red rock sandtone.

•  Kings Peak Views


Pictures of the Uintas from atop the highest point in Utah, Kings Peak. Views include Mount Emmons, Yellowstone Creek, Garfield Basin, Superior Lake, Wilson Peak, Spread Eagle Peak, Yard Peak, Lovenia, The Cathedral, Lamotte Peak, Tokewanna Peak, Red Cast

•  Avenues Twin Peaks


Avenues Twin Peaks , Little Black Mountain, City Creek Canyon, Red Butte, Downtown Salt Lake City. Foothills

•  Kolob Canyon - Zion


Pictures of Kolob Canyon in Zion National Park near Saint George in Southern Utah. Views of Horse Ranch Mountain, Paria Point, Beatty Point, and Nagunt Mesa, Timber Top Mountain, Red Butte

•  Olympus North Face Trail


Pictures of a hike across the northern face of Mount Olympus in Salt Lake City, Utah. Views of The Great Chimney, Neffs Canyon, West Ridge, The West Slabs, Kamps Ridge, The Apolo Coulier, Grandeur Peak, Autumn Leaves and a Red-tailed Hawk.

•  Timpanogos Waterfalls


Timpanogos Waterfalls in Aspen Grove. Pictures of multi-tiered ledges and the many waterfalls found on Mount Timpanogos.

•  Zion Canyon Snow


Pictures of Zion National Park covered in Snow. Pictures from The Zion Overlook, Checkerboard Mesa, and various points of interest in Zion Canyon.

•  Uinta Mountain Links


Links to hundreds of pictures of the Uinta Mountains in northeastern Utah, near Kamas.

•  Red Baldy


Red Baldy in the Wasatch Mountains in Salt Lake City, Utah. A hike with many pictures and descriptions.

•  Utah Volcano Sunset


Pictures of a few of the volcanoes found in Utah near Fillmore, Utah. Black Rock, Tabernacle Hill, Red Dome and Pahvant Butte. Devils Kitchen, Notch Peak, Mineral Mountains

•  Christ the Redeemer - Cristo Redentor


Christ the Redeemer, Cristo Redentor, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Views of this tropical city from atop Corcovado Peak.

•  Wasatch Plane 2


Wasatch Plane 2. Pictures of the Wasatch and Uinta Mountains covered in snow, from atop a commercial airliner.

•  Snow Covered Trees


Pictures of snow covered trees in Big Cottonwood Canyon in the Wasatch Mountains. WInter, snowy pine trees, aspen trees.

•  Temperature Inversion Video


Video of a nasty temperature inversion over the entire Salt Lake City Valley, from atop 8,300 foot Grandeur Peak. The entire city is covered in a thick clorox soup of pollution.

•  Highway 12 - July


Highway 12 - Southern Utah. A drive along scenic Highway 12 in Utah. Red Canyon and Anasazi Ruins. Views of Red Canyon, Tantlus Flats, Boulder, Utah, Henry Mountains.

•  Sugarloaf, Pão de Açucar, Rio de Janeiro


Pictures and Video of Sugarloaf or Pão de Açucar in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.Cristo Redentor, Pedra da Gavea.

•  Uinta Mountains


Uinta Mountains, telephoto views of the Uinta Mountains taken from American Fork Twin Peaks and Red Baldy, about 50 miles away. Kletting Peak, Hayden Peak, Ostler Peak, Agassiz Peak, Spread Eagle Peak, Long Peak, Notch Mountain, Mount Watson, Reids Peak,

•  Red Butte 2


Red Butte, Salt Lake City, Utah The Chairs Elk

•  Big Beacon - Cicadas


Pictures of a hike up to Big Beacon in the foothills, Mount Wire, Cicada Brood, Georges Hollow, Emigration Ridge, Red Butte Reservoir, Salt Lake City, brown snake, hawk.

•  Kings Peak - Uintas


Pictures of a hike up to Kings Peak, the highest point in Utah. Views of the Uinta Mountains. Trip report by Jared Carson.

•  Red Butte 1


Red Butte 1, Salt Lake City, Utah The Chairs Area

•  Amazing Sunset near Monument Valley


Video of a blood red sunset near Monument Valley, in southern Utah. The face of God appears about halfway through the video.

•  Twin Peaks Snow Sunset


Salt Lake Twin Peaks Snow Sunset. Wasatch Front. Twin Peaks covered in snow as the sunlight fades across the mountain

•  Galen Rowell


Galen Rowell - Photographer - Passed away, he was an incredible influence. August 23, 1940 - August 11, 2002

•  South East Utah Links


Links to hundreds of images of South East Utah.

•  Multiple Layered Clouds


Animation of different Cloud Layers moving at different speeds and directions.

•  Red Birch - Firestarting in the Rocky Mountains


Video showing how well Red Birch catches fire and burns. White Birch is not commonly found in the Rocky Mountains, but Red Birch can easily be found and identified.

•  The Sky is Melting


Crazy cloud formation from Big Cottonwood Canyon Highway. Blood red, burning clouds hang overhead. There were many formations that looked like a hippy lava lamp.

•  Wasatch Mountain Links


Links to hundred of pictures of the Wasatch Mountains in Salt Lake City, Utah.