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•  Silver Island Mountains


Pictures of a hike in the Silver Island Mountains in the Bonneville Salt Flats. Views include: Graham Peak, the Deep Creek Mountains, Stansbury Mountains, Donner Pass, Coral Fossils, and the Floating Island.

•  Jamaican Butterflies and Insects


Pictures of Jamaican Butterflies and Insects found in Negril Beach, Montego Bay, and Lucea. Including Silver-Spotted Skipper, Jamaican Paper Wasp, Julia Heliconian, Esmeralda Longtail Butterfly, Antillean White, The Jamaican White Peacock.

•  Silver Island - Bonneville Salt Flats


Pictures of a drive around the Silver Island Mountains near the Bonneville Salt Flats near Wendover, Utah. Graham Peak, Donner Pass, Dust Storms, Floating Island.

•  Silver Lake Reservoir


Pictures of the Silver Lake Reservoir in American Fork Canyon, Utah. Views of Lone Peak, Alpine Ridge, Cascade Peak, Pfeifferhorn, Provo Peak, Timpanogos.

•  Antelope Running Video - Silver Island


Video of an antelope running alongside the car on the northside of the Silver Island Mountiains in the Bonneville Salt Flats.

•  Marmots - Brighton


Marmots - Brighton Wasatch Mountains - Salt Lake City, Utah Big Cottonwood Canyon - Silver Fork, Brighton Ski Resort