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Grandeur Peak - Temperature Inversion, Salt Lake City, Utah, Pollution, Mount Olympus, Emigration Ridge, Snow.
January 18, 2004
Pictures of Stairs Gulch near Storm Mountain Island in Big Cottonwood Canyon. Views of Snow Caves, Rattlesnakes, Spiders and Wildcat Ridge.
June 18, 2002
Pictures of a hike to the summit of Mount Baldy near Snowbird in Little Cottonwood Canyon. Bumble bees, Cecret Lake, Devils Castle, Mount Timpanogos, Lone Peak, Sunsets, Wildflowers, Sugarloaf, Albion Basin, Uinta Mountains, American Fork Twin Peaks.
August 11, 2008
Pictures of a hike up to the summit of Monte Cristo and Mount Superior along the Cottonwood Ridge in Salt Lake City, Utah. Views of Little Cottonwood Canyon, Snowbird Ski Resort, American Fork Twin Peaks, Hidden Peak, The Pfeifferhorn, Dromedary Peak, Sun
September 08, 2007
Pictures of Zion National Park covered in Snow. Pictures from The Zion Overlook, Checkerboard Mesa, and various points of interest in Zion Canyon.
January 01, 2009
Snow Canyon State Park - Saint George, near Zion National Park in Southern Utah.
February 23, 2001
Mount Superior and Monte Cristo summits from Alta Ski Resort and Snowbird Ski Resort in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Wasatch Mountains, Utah.
August 06, 2001
Pictrues of a hike up to Camelback Mountains in Phoenix, Arizona. Pictures include the San Francisco Mountains, Humphreys Peak, Arizona Snow Bowl and Four Peaks Mountain.
November 29, 2003
American Fork Twin Peaks - Snowbird Ski Resort, Little Cottonwood Canyon, Wasatch Mountains - 7-01
July 22, 2001
Views from a commercial airliner of the snowy mountains of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Texas
December 09, 2009
Wasatch Plane 2. Pictures of the Wasatch and Uinta Mountains covered in snow, from atop a commercial airliner.
April 01, 2002
Pictures of snow covered trees in Big Cottonwood Canyon in the Wasatch Mountains. WInter, snowy pine trees, aspen trees.
December 16, 2007
Pictures of small ice crystals that form on top of the snow in Southern Utah.
December 31, 2008
Pictures of multiple views of American Fork Twin Peaks,Salt Lake City, Utah, Wasatch Mountains, Big Cottonwood Canyon, Snowbird, Gad Valley, Collins Gulch.
July 21, 2001
Pictures of a hike to the summit of Sugarloaf Peak in Albion Basin from Little Cottonwood Canyon. Cecret Lake, Devils Castle, Mount Timpanogos, Lone Peak, Sunsets, Wildflowers, Mount Baldy, Snowbird.
August 11, 2008
Video of a ride up the Snowbird Ski Resort Tram, in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Salt Lake City, Utah.
September 28, 2003
Video of small ice caves that form from the snow in Stairs Gulch in Big Cottonwood Canyon in the spring. Also has a shot of a young rattlesnake.
June 22, 2008
Lake Blanche, Domedary Peak, Mill B South Fork, Big Cottonwood Canyon, Wasatch Mountains, Utah. Sundial Peak - Winter Hike
March 19, 2001
Stairs Gulch, Snow Cave, Big Cottonwood Canyon, Wasatch Mountains - Salt Lake City, Utah, Avalanche Paths, Snow Tunnels
July 18, 2002

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